statically typed
site generator

📦 Optimized Elm Progressive Web App

Layouts, styles, even a full-fledged elm application.

Deploy anywhere

Ship to Netlify, Github Pages, or any host that will serve up static files!

elm-pages build

elm make
setup needed! Just one simple command.

Pure Elm Configuration

Layouts, styles, even a full-fledged elm application.

📄 Type-Safe Content

Configuration, errors for broken links

No magic, just types

The magic is in how the pieces snap together. The basic platform provided is simple, letting you compose exactly what you need with types to support you.

Extensible through pure elm

Behavior is shared through packages exposing simple helper functions to help you build up your data.

If it compiles, it works

just makes more of the things you do in your static site feel like elm. Did you misspell the name of an image asset or a link to a blog post?
will give you a friendly error message and some helpful suggestions.

An extended elm platform

is just elm, but with a broader set of primitives for declaring meta tags to improve SEO, or generate RSS feeds and other files based on your static content.

Blazing fast

All you have to do is create your content and choose how to present it. Optimized images, pre-rendered pages, and a snappy lightweight single-page app all come for free.


gives you the smallest set of core concepts possible, and a type system to make sure all the pieces fit together just right. The rest is up to you. Rather than remember a lot of magic and special cases, you can just rely on your elm types to build what you need with a set of simple primitives.